FitAssist is the brand name for the monitoring and alarm system created by Fit Assist Medical Inc.  This site and our actions are covered under the Fit Assist Medical Inc. (FitAssist) Privacy Policy.

What information does FitAssist collect and how is that information used?

One of the major concerns for internet users today is certainly the question of privacy and collection of personal information. At FitAssist, we  promise to always be forthright with the collection of your information. No matter what, we will guard your personal information as though it were our own.

In the vein of transparency, we want you to know what information we collect, when it is being collected and how that information will be used. Through the process of ordering replacement parts, seeking warranty service or obtaining catalogs, t-shirts or other items from WearCare, we do have to collect certain personal information such as contact information, billing and shipping information and credit card data necessary to fulfill your order. Additionally, the WearCare servers used to host our website identify a web visitor’s Internet Service Provider, IP Address, Domain and basic information about the user’s Internet Browser software and the computer’s operating system. The servers also take note of which page directed a given user to the WearCare site, which pages are visited most often, how long users view individual pages as well as which page on the site was just visited, allowing the user to go back to his or her most recent search results. This aggregate information is used only to assess the effectiveness of our websites and does not contain information relating to an individual user’s identity.

In compliance with the laws governing the collection of information from minors, WearCare does not collect information from children under the age of 18 in the European Union or Asia Pacific regions, or under the age of 13 in the United States or Latin America. Users who do not meet these age limits are not to provide information on WearCare websites and are required to have their parent or guardian do so instead.

WearCare will not sell, rent, trade or lease your personal information for the purpose of marketing, advertising or other purpose. We will only disclose personal information when required to do so by law or to protect the rights, property or personal safety of WearCare, our customers or the general public. European customers, please be aware that any information that you provide to WearCare is being transferred outside the European Economic Area for processing by WearCare, its affiliates and agents acting on its behalf. Submission of your information constitutes agreement to the international transfer.

What about information that I submit? How is it used?

Certain portions of the WearCare website may allow you to post personal information. WearCare prefers that users do not use these portions of the site to post personal information, as these areas of the site are open to public view. Posting of personal information on these pages is considered deliberate and voluntary and, as a result, this information is exempt from the WearCare Privacy Policy.

Information posted, either on public areas of the website, or transmitted to WearCare as feedback (questions, comments, recipes, suggestions, or similar) or as data or materials (photos, videos, writings, or other works) will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. WearCare will not have any obligation of any kind to such feedback or materials and by transmitting them to WearCare, you are agreeing to grant WearCare and its subsidiaries a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license (with rights to sublicense) to reproduce, use, disclose, modify, display and to distribute these materials to others without limitation. Your transmission of these materials and feedback also grants WearCare the right to use any ideas, concepts, knowledge or techniques contained in the feedback or materials for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to the development, manufacture, or marketing of products. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not post or transmit information to WearCare.

Does WearCare use cookies?

Although something of an obscure term shrouded in misinformation and distrust, a “Cookie” is actually a small text file stored on a user’s computer that allows a given website to recognize repeat visitors and to thus provide a tailored user experience to that visitor. Most browsers can be easily configured to disable third party cookies or to disable all cookies to protect user privacy. WearCares uses cookies only to improve a user’s experience with the site by providing more focused links to products based upon an individual user’s tastes. These cookies only function while browsing WearCare sites and are not used to collect personal information about our users.

How can I use the WearCare website?

By accessing this website, you acknowledge compliance with the laws governing copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, trade secrets, proprietary rights and other protections afforded the information, content and materials contained on the site (including, but not limited to graphics, images, video clips, audio, video images, or other types of content). This “Site Information” is the property of WearCare and/or their suppliers or licensors. Unless expressly authorized by WearCare, you are authorized to electronically copy or print a hard copy of any document published by WearCare on the website solely for your personal, non-commercial use. This authorization is conditional to your agreement to and compliance with all copyright and other proprietary notices contained within those documents. You are prohibited from using any other documents or information provided by WearCare for any other use without prior written approval from WearCare, or their suppliers or licensors as applicable. You are further prohibited from distributing, selling, licensing, modifying, transmitting, renting, leasing, adapting, publishing, publicly displaying, reproducing, or creating derivative works based upon the Site Information. The designs of the WearCare websites remain the property of WearCare. The site and its elements, including its design, logos, graphics, sounds, images and other types of content, may be protected by copyright, database, trademark or other laws and may not be copied, distributed or imitated without specific written authorization. Unauthorized use of the materials or information contained on WearCare websites may violate applicable criminal or civil laws, including but not limited to copyright, trademark or privacy laws.